I have a round face shape and I’m insecure because I have chubby cheeks and baby fats sit in my jawline. No matter how hard I try to lose weight with proper diet and exercise, the fats in those areas are really hard to shed off. There are different factors why some women have this- genes, aging, and stress. If you have the same dilemma, fret not because there’s a new procedure that will target those stubborn fats, yay!
     When it comes to skin lifting, especially for the face – it’s time to think and treat differently. Knives and needles are no longer the standards for face lifting. Exilis Elite, one of latest skin tightening technologies is now at Luminisce Skin Clinic. The procedure involves no pain, no downtime, and can be done under an hour. More of Exilis Elite after the jump!
Luminisce Exilis Elite: Achieve Slimmer, Contoured Face with Non-Invasive Procedure
     Exilis Elite can precisely target, tighten, and tone troubled areas of the face or any part of the body. It is a popular choice for patients and even celebrities in the Philippines for removing stubborn fat around the cheek area to achieve a slimmer, contoured face.
     How is this possible without any form of surgery? Exilis Elite uses radiofrequency energy that heats up the skin, causing fat cells to shrink and be permanently removed from the problem area. When the fat melts, it is carried out by the lymphatic system and the fat is naturally eliminated.
Luminisce Exilis Elite: Achieve Slimmer, Contoured Face with Non-Invasive Procedure
     According to wellness expert and Luminisce founder, Dr. Kaycee Reyes, a slimmer face has always been a beauty goal for many patients. In many Asian cultures, a small V-shaped face is considered pretty, delicate, and feminine. However, with aging, it becomes harder to lose excess fat and firm up loose skin, especially on the face even with diet and exercise. “With Exilis Elite, we are able to tighten the skin as we are melting down stubborn fat. With this technology we’re able to provide a solution to treat abdominal fat or love handles, flabby arms and thighs, post-partum tummies, loose skin on the neck, and jowling in the face, adds Dr. Kaycee Reyes.
     The full result of an Exilis Elite treatment can be appreciated as early as two weeks after the first session. Two to six sessions at a rate of once every two weeks are recommended, depending on the severity of the problem area. Some patients may only need 2-3 sessions to achieve the optimum results. The best way to find out is through a consult with a trusted skin clinic.
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