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I have really oily skin which causes me to have breakouts all the time. Since my teens, I’ve tried various products and I’ve been treated by quite a number of dermatologists. Most of them gave quick, temporary fixes, or no visible results at all. I get very conscious of my skin, especially since I travel and take a lot of photos. Because my skin problem only got temporary solutions, I ended up making quick fixes on my photos as well.
I came to Dra. Kaycee Reyes at Luminisce last year. From the very first visit, my skin has been treated with utmost care. My face cleared up after just a couple of visits! I truly appreciate how effective the treatments and medications have been, and of course, how friendly everyone in the clinic is.
Like every travel destination I have on my list, I consider going to Luminisce worthwhile.
Natalia Merce Leuterio

Freelance Events Stylist/Interior Design Student/Traveller

As a managing partner of a law firm, Vice Dean of a school of law, professor, lecturer, newspaper and magazine columnist, and litigator, I have to manage my time and juggle my commitments to be able to handle all of my equally-important tasks. I admit, the stress and short hours of sleep should have shown on my skin. But let me share with you a secret. My skin is still as smooth, tight, and supple as it has always been. Thanks to Dr. Kaycee Reyes, I am ready to face the demands of law practice every single day.

Atty. Linda Jimeno

Maturity leaves me no reason to take care of my skin, that’s why I turned to Dr. Kaycee Reyes for my melasma. At Luminisce, their excellent service and advanced technology is unparalleled in the country. Their skin programs show immediate results that I cannot even keep up with! You see, when you know what’s best for you, it shows.

Leah Sibala- Laurel

To me, confidence matters in and out of the courtroom, or while hosting on TV.  Looking good helps keep my confidence, but that’s difficult to maintain with my hectic schedule.  Because of Luminisce, my skin has retained its youthful glow, with less lines and smaller pores.  Now, I’m not worried whether I’m sleeping less, clocking in the hours at work, appearing on TV or even being ambushed for interviews! I am convinced that Luminisce will keep my skin free from imperfections.

Atty. Karen Jimeno

It did not take a lot of convincing to try the Lux R Laser Hair Removal at Luminisce. The convenience of not having to wax or shave anymore drew me in. But unlike any other laser hair removal system that requires multiple sessions, the Lux R is something else. It removes unwanted hair deeper into the hair shaft, causing lesser or no regrowth anymore. Best of all, it’s pain-free! No more touch-ups for a busy girl like me!

Riva GalvezTan

As a wedding blogger, I am always trying to discover things that will not only benefit me, but my readers as well. So when I tried out Luminisce, I knew instantly that this was a place that I could sincerely vouch for. A place my readers will want to go to, and be happy they went. It’s true that a bride will always have that bridal glow. But imagine if brides really invested time in making their skin smoother? Believe me! Great skin, plus good make up is the best formula for the perfect bridal glow. And a note to the grooms: you can do this too! As for me, being super particular on who treats my skin, I’ve realized the Luminisce standard is nothing short of amazing. Their skin care technology is at par with international standards when it comes to effectivity and fast results. And because I’ve seen the biggest improvement on my own skin, I’m forever hooked!

Janna Simpao of ‘Bride and Breakfast’ blog

Let’s keep it real – modeling is a competitive field. Chiseled features, toned abs, and a fit body – these are all the prerequisites of this industry. And from every angle, everything must be in tip top shape. What’s the secret? Diet, exercise, and Luminisce’s Thermasculpt. This technology contours specific areas with fast and visible results! When I look and feel good, I know I’m on top of my game.  Plus Dr. Kaycee is the sweetest and most reliable.  I know I can rely on her whenever  I have any concerns or need advice regarding my skin and overall health!  Truly Amazing.

Wil Dasovich

The concept of investing is simple: give a little today, gain a lot tomorrow. I apply investing not only in my nature of work, but also with my health and body. And when it comes to my appearance, I go to one clinic that believes in SKINvesting – and that’s Luminisce. Thanks to Dra. Kaycee, her effective and efficient treatments make me more confident towards everyone I meet and everything I do. That is why I believe that the most important investment is you.

Luigi Limlingan

I’m an expert on the eyes, not on the skin. And as a doctor, I only go to where I know is best – Luminisce for my skin’s needs. Their Luxury Facial definitely restored my skin back to health. Hey, even guys need pampering too! Do I see a difference? You tell me.

Dr. Mark Agas, MD, DPBO

Ophthalmologist, St. Luke's Medical Center

Being on television 24/7 leaves me with barely any downtime. Still, having clear, smooth, and radiant skin is definitely a must. And guess what? I’ve found the perfect skin solution that shows results – immediately. Fewer lines in just a few weeks? It’s possible! This is why people always say I look young for my age. Well, I’ll break the news: It’s Luminisce!

Ces Drilon

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