Pore Refining Program


Firm the skin with the Pore-Refining Program, Dr. Kaycee Reyes’ perfect mix of precious laser colors that boost natural collagen and elastin production to achieve supple, flawless, and healthy skin. With continued treatments, notice smoother and tighter skin without scars, lines, and minimized pores. Start the countdown and see your skin revived and vibrant in weeks!


RejuveClear by Palomar 

No more hiding with scarred, uneven, and discolored skin. The answer to any trouble spot on your body is here! RejuveClear is a revolutionary treatment that solves all your skin woes in minutes! Unsightly stretch marks, fine lines, deep acne scars, mild to severe burn and surgical scars, and other skin imperfections can gradually be removed in a simple step with RejuveClear. This spot-on treatment is the ultimate beauty essential.

Silvercure Laser by Spectra XT 

Enlarged pores, sun damage, wrinkles, and oily skin will now be a thing of the past with this procedure that will make you forget about your skin woes! The Silvercure Laser uses the Spectra XT Revital Treatment that delivers heat deep into the dermis, causing damage to problem areas to initiate collagen production and cell renewal. This small device packs a punch as it is powerful enough to heal the skin without causing damage to surrounding areas. Best of all, repair happens from within, and requires patients lesser to zero downtime! Try the Silvercure Laser today!


Instantly bare younger skin with the most recommended and reliable procedure for tightening and firming sagging skin on the face and body! Thermalift uses safe radio frequency pulses into heat that directly targets problem areas and boost collagen production, resulting in improved skin imperfections like fine lines and sagging skin on eyes, cheeks, neck, and mouth, even loose post-pregnancy skin. Truly an agedefying miracle, try Thermalift today at Luminisce!

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