Translucent Skin Program


Getting whiter and brighter skin is now faster and easier than ever! With the Translucent Skin Program, the treatments safely yet thoroughly improve the skin’s appearance by directly targeting unwanted skin pigmentations like dark spots, eye bags, and scars by impairing the skin’s melanin to immediately restore the skin back to health and reveal skin that stays white and Luminisce.


Optimum Pigment Corrector by Palomar

Say goodbye to sun-damaged skin with visible results in as fast as 1-2-3! The Optimum Pigment Corrector is the latest cosmetic advancement that treats and fades skin problems caused by sun exposure such as freckles, melasma, dark spots and other hyperpigmentation. It also cures vascular conditions such as spider veins and portwine stains. With skin photorejuvenation, the Optimum Pigment Corrector effectively removes undesired skin problems by targeting dark pigments without affecting the surrounding tissue. See the difference and save your skin from future damage today!


Nourish and rejuvenate old and tired skin with LumInfuse. Using a powerful micro injector, it infuses anti-oxidants and advanced bio-technology essence deep into tissues and directly into affected areas, revealing a firmer and brighter complexion.

Velvet Skin

One of the recent and most widely known cosmetic treatments that effectively lessen and fade skin imperfections like acne, fine lines and skin discoloration, Velvet Skin improves skin texture through its application of microscopic crystals, buffing the surface and leaving the skin cleaner, smoother and more radiant.


Cleanse, nourish and reveal healthier skin through ultrasound technology. Using a state-of-the-art ultrasonic device, UltraRevitale efficiently targets problem areas by penetrating deep into the skin, slowly fading fine lines and bringing back smoother and tighter skin.

Clear Laser Peel by Spectra XT 

Want the benefits of a peel with no abrasive tools or harsh chemicals? Yes, it’s possible and it’s here – introducing the Clear Laser Peel by Luminisce! Three rounds of laser are applied on the skin after a film of carbon lotion: the first round to absorb carbon into the skin promoting skin rejuvenation, the second to target the absorbed carbon which causes concomitant decrease in oiliness, and the third is to tighten pores. This procedure regenerates collagen, lightens melasma and pigmentation, cures acne, evens and softens skin tone, minimizes pores, and fades fine wrinkles! What’s more, this painless procedure is done in minutes and with ZERO downtime! Stop worrying and start living with the Clear Laser Peel!

DermEnhancerby Spectra XT 

See your freckles and pigmentation fade, melasma and rosacea improve, and seborrheickeratoses healed with the top non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, now at Luminisce! The DermEnhancer Laser uses the Spectra XT RuvyTouch, a precise laser with microbeams directed at problem areas, causing tissue damage to initiate collagen production and cell renewal. This state-of-theart system offers minimal skin surface reaction, therefore providing better comfort to the patient and allows for lesser to no downtime. Preferred by doctors and patients alike, try the DermEnhancer Laser today and see results you never thought possible.

Permafade Laser by Spectra XT 

Erase your tattooed past with Luminisce’s Permafade utilizing the Spectra XT Q-Switched Lasers in various wavelengths, depending on the pigmentation. The lasers target the colored skin, layer by layer, break them down, and are excreted out of the body as waste. This safe, non-invasive procedure is suitable for all skin types and may be performed on old or new tattoos and on any part of the body! Bring back your skin’s natural color in weeks with Luminisce Permafade Laser!


Reveal smoother and radiant skin with photomodulation, wherein Light Emitting Diodes (LED) cut deep into the skin cells and slows the skin’s aging process by regenerating collagen and elastin, bringing back younger-looking skin.

SkinLight IV Drip

Achieve glowing white skin with SkinLight IV Drip, a safe and pain-free treatment that uses Glutathione to target free radicals and prevent it from causing damage to the skin. Be bright and beautiful with SkinLight IV Drip.

Illuminating Body Peel

Your body is just as important as your face. Pamper it with a relaxing body peel that removes dry, rough, and uneven skin and revives your skin with supercharged nutrients for that confident glow you want to show off! Feel and see the difference with this safe, non-invasive procedure. Try the Illuminating Body Peel for a body that is smooth and soft to touch!

Radiance Lift

Step out with skin that looks lit from within! The latest advancement in Microdermabrasion and TriPollar technology combines 4 powerful treatments into 1 super facial! With Exfoliation, Oxygenation, Infusion, and Skin Tightening combined, reveal bright, supple, and firm skin in as fast as a few sessions! This ultimate radiance booster can smoothen fine lines, shrink pores, hydrate the skin, and improve your skin tone like no other. And without scarring or surgery, the treatment can also be applied to the neck, décolletage and hands. Go get that glow today!

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