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EMSYNERGY: Beach-body solution

May 21, 2023

At this time of year, everyone is making an effort to get into beach shape again. One of our favorite #SKINvestors and content creator, Toni Sia, needed some assistance getting her abs in shape for the summer.

Although in-clinic body shaping is nothing new, technology has advanced significantly in recent years.

EmSculpt is a cutting-edge method of body sculpting. EmSculpt therapy is the first and only treatment in the world to utilize HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic) technology to contract muscles, sculpting the body in a targeted area and enhancing muscular tone all at once. Others who go to the gym frequently, eat healthily, and have trouble toning certain areas may benefit from this process as much as others who are just starting out on their fitness path.

The EmSculpt Neo Edge, the latest upgrade, was released lately. New technology? The RF component of Emsculpt Neo Edge is heat. RF treatments tighten body parts and soothe with gentle heat. The Edge is the machine’s new shape and handpiece. It now spans the whole lateral abdomen to mold curved body components like the love handles. The new hand piece targets the obliques to tone the whole abdomen.

Toni, our skinvestor, wants more abdominal definition despite reaching her waist size goal. The EmSculpt Neo Edge will help women achieve their ideal abs.

We’ll use the EmTone and EmSculpt Neo Edge for Toni. The same business that creates EmSculpt also offers EmTone, a non-surgical therapy that targets cellulite and stubborn fat.

EmTone uses a combination of thermal and mechanical energy to get rid of cellulite and resistant fat. EmTone uses radio frequency (RF) technology and targeted pressure energy (TPE) to promote lymphatic drainage and boost blood flow, which aids in the quicker elimination of harmful waste products. This procedure stimulates circulation, significantly shrinks obstinate fat cells, and prevents fluid buildup to make the skin seem smoother.

With the New EmSculpt Neo Edge + Emtone combo, also known as the Luminisce Emsynergy therapy, fat is reduced by 30–35% more, muscle is built by 25–30% more, and the waist circumference is decreased by 1.5–2.5 inches in only 4 sessions. In addition, this combination of therapies is excellent for reducing diastasis recti, the separation of the abdominal muscles that is often encountered by new moms. In 4 sessions, this combination therapy may assist in reducing the separation by 19%.

It has been established, with reference to the most current research published in the journal of cosmetic dermatology, that the combined therapies were secure, comfortable, and maintained for at least three months following treatment without any appreciable return of fats. 93.3% of all patients who underwent therapy reported being satisfied.

On Toni, we administered the Luminisce EmSynergy therapy four times, with one week between each session. The outcome? Toni was astounded by the fact that it did more than just contour her body—it also made her abdomen’s skin seem better overall.

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