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Dry, Dull, or Aging Face

Some of us have naturally dry skin. But even those with oily skin can experience dryness because of environmental conditions like reduced humidity from the weather, frequent swimming or hot showers, or exposure to harsh soaps. Skin conditions like atopic dermatitis (ezcema) or psoriasis can have a hand in it, too. Dry skin often paves the way to dullness, where skin looks flat and devoid of any glow. Skin dryness is also a subtle cause of signs of aging, making fine lines and wrinkles even more visible. Luminisce recommends: The Luxury Facial, The Magnetic Madonna Facial, The Radiance Lift Facial, Ultrarevitale, The Full Radiance Facial, Customized Treatment

Dry, Dull, or Aging Face

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“The best clinic in town! Luminisce saved my skin from drying oaut. Amazing results in just a few sessions. Now I can go out with confidence written in front of my face!”
Maria Victoria

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