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JAWLINE THREAD: Novel Aptos Thread Lift top rated

Introducing the innovative Novel Aptos Threads, designed to elevate the face and sculpt the jawline to perfection! Made from Poly-L-lactic acid, these threads feature bidirectional and multidirectional barbs for maximum effectiveness. These unique spring threads are specially crafted to withstand powerful muscle movements around the mouth and jaw area, addressing mild skin laxity and reducing drooping skin by stimulating collagen production. At 500mm in length, these threads are robust enough to lift and suspend tissue, offering a solution that goes beyond traditional cheek threads. With a 2-year disintegration period, the Novel Aptos Threads allow the body ample time to generate collagen, ensuring long-lasting results. Elastin works to tighten the skin, while collagen helps to soften it, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Not only do these threads provide lifting and toning benefits, but they also improve skin texture, promote a healthy glow, and boost hydration levels. Experience the transformative power of Novel Aptos Threads for a radiant and revitalized look only at Luminisce.

JAWLINE THREAD: Novel Aptos Thread Lift

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