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Pits Perfect peel

“Pits Perfect peel is the ideal non-invasive solution to regain the young and firm looking appearance, which has been lost over the years, of the external genital organs. This innovative solution is the first product that has a lifting, whitening and rejuvenating effect, thus allowing women to feel more in harmony with their bodies, not only by improving the look of the intimate area and their self-confidence, but also by improving intimacy. The Pits perfect peel contains ingredients that are clinically formulated to lighten unsightly blemishes and pigmentation of common delicate areas of the body. This system is painless, and easy to apply.

The Pits perfect peel is recommended for: ​​
External vaginal area, Breast areola, Bikini line, and Anal region. What Does The Pink Intimate System Contain?

Whitening and Tightening Ingredients

Kojic Acid – Extracted from fermented rice grains. Whitens skin.
Modulated Chloretic Acid – Increases the skin permeability, allowing the more effective absorption of the mixture
Retinol – Promotes collagen release at the dermal level.
Gluthatione – An effective whitening agent with strong antioxidant.
Nourishing and Soothing Ingredients

Vitamin B12 – Reduces redness and dryness, and helps increase skin cell production.
Bisabolol – Intended for sensitive skin. Soothes and calms skin irritation.
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract – For anti-inflammation”

Pits Perfect peel

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