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Pollogen Legend Svelte

It’s legendary, because it delivers visible, long-lasting results—fast. The Pollogen Svelte Legend™ uses a trio of advanced medical technologies: Hybrid Energy Technology, TriLipo® using non-invasive TriPollar Radio Frequency Energy, and Dynamic Muscle Activation. The Hybrid and Radiofrequency Energies penetrate deep into the skin, while the Dynamic Muscle Activation uses painless electric currents to wake up your muscles. This delivers a tighter, contoured effect for the body by increasing what you need—skin elasticity and volume; and decreasing what you don’t—fat and cellulite.

Pollogen Legend Svelte

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“The best clinic in town! Luminisce saved my skin from drying oaut. Amazing results in just a few sessions. Now I can go out with confidence written in front of my face!”
Maria Victoria

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