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SWEATERA: Ultherapy for Excessive Sweat top rated

Sweat-Era therapy, using the renowned Ultherapy machine. This creates tiny (1mm3) thermal lesions or thermal coagulation sites (TCPs) in the dermis using high-intensity micro-focused ultrasound with visualization (MFU-V). Ultrasound delivers concentrated ultrasound energy to subcutaneous tissue layers under the superficial dermis to depths of up to 4.5mm. The viewing feature ensures the device is well-coupled to the dermis for continuous energy delivery and allows the user to avoid anatomical features like big blood veins or bone. TCPs or Ultherapy heat harm sweat glands without surface symptoms. Since sweat glands don’t regenerate, this effect should endure.

SWEATERA: Ultherapy for Excessive Sweat

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