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Tresare peel: Medium depth peel

New skin, new you! The Tresare Peel, one of Luminisce’s original treatments is a skin-renewing treatment that works to dissolve cells on the topmost layer of your skin, bringing brand new skin cells to the surface. This newly-revealed layer of skin is usually smoother and less prone to the effects of acne scarring and wrinkles, allowing you to maintain your all-over glow for much longer. This peel is designed for use both on the body and the face, with the appropriate technique being applied by Luminisce dermatologists and aestheticians.

Tresare peel: Medium depth peel

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“The best clinic in town! Luminisce saved my skin from drying oaut. Amazing results in just a few sessions. Now I can go out with confidence written in front of my face!”
Maria Victoria

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