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Luminisce Wins Big at the Annual Aptos Gala

May 24, 2024

In the bustling heart of Manila’s Bonifacio Global City, the prestigious Shangri-La at the Fort set the stage for a momentous event in the realm of aesthetics and wellness. The Annual Aptos Awards 2024 brought together luminaries and innovators to honor outstanding achievements in beauty and rejuvenation. Among the distinguished attendees, one name stood out with exceptional radiance – Luminisce.

Luminisce, renowned for its excellence in dermatology and aesthetics, proudly clinched two prestigious awards at the 2024 Aptos Awards. The first, the esteemed “Aptos Excellence Award 2024,” recognized Luminisce as a top user of Aptos, underscoring its unwavering commitment to innovation and superior outcomes. This honor was bestowed upon Luminisce by none other than Dr. Cyril Agan, the esteemed Medical Director of Aptos Philippines, highlighting his recognition of Luminisce’s exemplary practices.


Founded by Dr. Kaycee Reyes, Luminisce has been a trailblazer in pioneering transformative treatments and personalized care plans. Dr. Reyes’s vision and dedication to perfection have cemented Luminisce as a beacon of excellence in the dermatology and aesthetics sphere.

In addition to the coveted Aptos Excellence Award, Luminisce also secured the title of “Best Before and After Neck,” showcasing its expertise in enhancing one of the most delicate and visible areas of the body. This accolade speaks volumes about Luminisce’s mastery of its craft and its ability to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

As one of the premier skin clinics in the Philippines, Luminisce has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation. Its commitment to providing top-notch care and cutting-edge treatments has garnered praise from clients and industry experts alike.

At Luminisce, innovation is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. Driven by Dr. Reyes’s vision, Luminisce continues to push the boundaries of possibility, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices to redefine beauty standards and surpass client expectations.

If you’re eager to experience the transformative power of Aptos threads and explore personalized treatment options, we invite you to book a consultation at Luminisce today. Whether you’re seeking to rejuvenate your appearance or address specific concerns, our team of experts is dedicated to crafting tailored solutions that bring out your natural beauty and confidence.

From pioneering treatments to personalized care plans tailored to individual needs, every aspect of the Luminisce experience reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether harnessing the power of advanced Aptos technology or staying at the forefront of industry trends, Luminisce leaves no stone unturned in its quest to deliver unparalleled results.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of awards ceremonies, Luminisce’s success is measured by the lives it touches and transforms. Each satisfied client is a testament to Luminisce’s dedication, expertise, and genuine care, reaffirming its position as a trusted partner in the journey to timeless beauty and confidence.

As we celebrate Luminisce’s triumph at the 2024 Aptos Awards, let us applaud not only its achievements but also the enduring legacy of excellence and innovation it represents. Here’s to Luminisce – a shining example of what happens when passion, expertise, and vision converge to illuminate the path to beauty and rejuvenation.

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